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It’s sometimes a bit scary for the new investor to make those initial offers for a property. So in this episode, I try to put those fears to rest.

My word of advice — just make the offer! If it’s close, that’s good enough. If the offer is accepted, you know you’re in the ballpark on price. Right?

If you have to renegotiate, it’s still no big deal. You use the 3Rs and give a logical reason that the seller won’t have an argument for. (Blame it on the spreadsheet.)

Stop worrying about making mistakes – just make the offer.

Listen and Enjoy:

What’s inside:

  • How I teach wholesaling
  • How to renegotiate
  • Understanding the inspection period
  • What due diligence happens before the contract – and what due diligence happens after
  • Remembering the 3Rs of renegotiating

Mentioned in this episode:

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