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The beginner investor’s biggest fear: “I won’t be able to sell the house.”

In the many years that I’ve been in business, and through my coaching sessions, this is the one thing I hear probably more than anything else. Sometimes this fear becomes so overwhelming it’s paralyzing. It can shut you down as an investor.

If this describes you, take a deep breath.

In this episode, I take out all the scary parts of the selling process and boil it down to the essentials. I clearly explain that there are two reasons – and ONLY two reasons – why your house might not sell.

And guess what? Both the reasons have solutions. And, of course, I cover those solutions right here. Check it out…

Listen and Enjoy:

What’s inside:

  • I explain the two basic reasons why a house might not sell
  • Many ideas for solutions are explained in-depth
  • Why a buyer’s list is so crucial
  • How to approach buyers and build relationships (what to say)
  • How to stop blaming and take responsibility

Mentioned in this episode:

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