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We entrepreneurs suffer with a kind of blessing/curse, in that we become successful in one thing, and then we’re tempted to run off and find something new. I was discussing the subject of staying focused with my St. Louis Mastermind group recently, so this is fresh in my mind.

We’ve all heard the saying about “spreading yourself too thin…” That’s what we tend to do at times. While it may seem that some investors have a multitude of things going on (and you think, ‘I can do that’), if you take a closer look, you’ll probably see they are centered on one core goal. Add to that the fact that much of what they do may be systemized and automated.

But what about you? Do you find yourself running from one shiny object to the next? If so, you’re gonna love this episode.

(FYI – In much of this episode, I’m having to talk to myself! Giddy up!)

Listen and Enjoy:

What’s inside:

  • I share titles of good books that show the amazing benefits of strong focus
  • I talk in depth about finding your sweet spot
  • I get candid and talk about my sweet spot

Mentioned in this episode:

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