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When it comes to marketing, I remember back to the days when I rode the marketing roller coaster. I would ramp up the marketing, have a flood of leads, work the leads and make money.

But while I was busy working leads, I didn’t have the time or the inclination to continue my marketing. Now I was broke again.

Whoa. Ever ride that roller coaster? I bet you have.

In this episode, I’m giving it to you straight: Stop doing your own marketing and outsource it. Do it as soon as you can. It will change your life and your business.

You gotta listen to my thorough reasoning on this matter. Get to it.

Listen and Enjoy:

What’s inside:

  • You must know your KPI – Key Performance Indicators
  • 4 things your VA should do for you
  • Why you should focus 100% on the 20% (and exactly what that 20% is)

Mentioned in this episode:

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  1. Good Morning Joe,
    I am taking your advice to outsource my marketing and I placed a job post on Upwork this morning. My post was immediately removed because they do not allow job posts that require their freelancers to send spam (texts and emails) to third party sites (Craigslist and Zillow. Can you share a sample job description that’s in guidelines I can use to post jobs on websites such as Upwork?

    1. Latina, I share all of that in my courses. My suggestion is to just repost your job & call it something else… “I am looking for someone to do online research and marketing for me.” That’s it… Don’t complicate it.

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