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I’m in my car driving to attend my local wholesalers mastermind meeting here in St. Louis. This is a by-invitation-only group of active wholesalers, and we share knowledge and encourage one another. And I’d like to think I’ve been sharing some valuable info here with you as well…

I’ve been asking all of you to call my podcast hotline and ask questions, and many of you are doing just that. (Thanks! I love hearing from you.) In this episode, I answer a question regarding subject-to.

A lot of investors get confused when it comes to putting together a subject-to deal. They can be tricky. So, in addition to better explaining this strategy, I also run through a variety of options to consider, including how doing a short sale might make sense or perhaps even bringing in a partner.

Lots of helpful subject-to info in this episode.

Listen and Enjoy:

What’s inside:

  • The problems with doing a subject to
  • The need for a good attorney and a good title company in a subject-to deal
  • How subject-to deals might be a great opportunity to work with a partner – how to set it up
  • Shout out to Bigger Pockets – Episode 176 with Tom Krol

Mentioned in this episode:

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