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I’m on my way to go look at a house as I record this episode. As you know, I rarely look at properties, but this is different. This is a house my mother is buying.

And in this episode, I’m addressing the fact that things don’t have to be perfect before you move forward. You’ve heard the saying that 70 is the new 50 – meaning people in their 70s are accomplishing feats that used to be done by those in their 50s. Well, I’m taking that and saying “done is the new perfect.”

Are you one of those who gets tripped up thinking every little thing has to be perfect? Ask yourself where the snags are that slow you down and impede your progress. I see it all the time – investors wasting a ton of time just trying to perfect a postcard, for example, when they could be making offers and closing deals.

Does that sound familiar? Well, to that I say: Jump and figure out how to fly as you fall.

Listen and Enjoy:

What’s inside:

  • Getting stuck in perfectionism
  • How to strike a balance – not sacrificing excellence
  • Discussing the book Rework by Jason Fried – about getting things done and moving forward
  • Examples of investors who are overly analytical

Mentioned in this episode:

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