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Being with a group of investors – as I am on this trip in Spain – always reminds me how important relationships are in this business. I learn as I teach and share. I learn from other investors’ ideas. And at the same time, they learn from me. That’s the subject of this episode – building relationships.

So who in the business are you interacting with? I can assure you there are like-minded investors right there in your own community with whom you can build strong relationships. You can help and encourage one another.

One of the activities that went on in this conference I’m at was role-playing. This hones our skills in talking to sellers. This helpful role-playing is certainly something you can – and should – be doing as you create and build relationships with other investors.

All that and more in this episode.

Listen and Enjoy:

What’s inside:

  • Benefits of building relationships with other investors in your area
  • Attending seminars and workshops and make friends
  • Checking out Meet-Ups in your area

Mentioned in this episode:

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