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Realtors and the MLS can be a goldmine for deals that many investors may be overlooking. You can be the investor who’s different. As investors, we often think that there is conflict between us and Realtors, but it doesn’t have to be that way (and shouldn’t). As you’ll hear, I’m presented an interesting and different viewpoint about that in this episode.

I’m also giving you several ideas on how to use your VA to mine the gold that’s residing within the MLS. Honestly, this is just too big to ignore. After all, 90% of people who want to sell their property list on the MLS. If they have no success, they could be ripe for a cash buyer to approach them. Will you be that one?

Plus, I’m giving insight into building relationships with Realtors – something you, as an investor, need to consider.

Listen and Enjoy:

What’s inside:

  • How your VA can sift through the MLS to gather information and uncover potential deals
  • The best way to present an offer
  • Winning over a Realtor to be your partner (how to give them incentive)
  • The importance of building relationships

Mentioned in this episode:

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  1. Hi Joe,
    Love your show and your stories around it always listen to you advise.
    BTW did you see the turkey:)
    My name is Yosy Jay Kaidar I’m an Active real estate investor I buy,sell and managed properties in NY & NJ
    I thought may be you can help me with few question
    Where do you find your VA ?
    Where to buy yellow paper for printing ?
    What kind of printer you recommend to buy for home office to print envelopes ?
    Oh I do have some more questions.

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