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I really enjoy hearing from investors who leave questions on my podcast hotline. (See the number below.) Recently, I got a question from podcast listener Russell from the U.K., asking about “quick-turn leasing.” He wants to know if we only use this strategy on the nicer, higher-end homes.

He’s referring to a course that Todd Toback and I created a while back that explains all about quick-turn leasing. So I figured that this is a great time to review that strategy as I answer Russell’s question for this episode.

You’ll also hear me share an amazing testimonial from a homeless man who used this system to change his life. How could a homeless person make this happen? Well, our system is super-simple, quick and easy.

Listen and Enjoy:

What’s inside:

  • Details on how quick-turn leasing works
  • How you can outsource 100% of quick-turn leases
  • How the fees work
  • How it’s done virtually
  • What market is best

Mentioned in this episode:

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  1. Hey joe, going thru this info on qtl as we speak, just wanted to know because i heard todd say that he like to approach it from the angle of offering them a lease option first, and then offering the qtl.

    Do you have people being successful at the qtl with the approach of offering the qtl out of the gate to land lords?

    Thanks,,Oh yeah im having my neighbor implement this

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