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Here we are, investors, at Part 3 in our mini-series about virtual wholesaling. In the first two podcasts in this series (episodes 22 and 23), you learned that the 1st step is market research, the 2nd step is to build your team, the 3rd step is marketing and the 4th step is to evaluate the deals. When you follow this system, even though you’re miles away, you can still have incredible data at your fingertips in order to close lots of deals.

Now we’re ready for the 5th step. It’s time to sell the contract. You want to get the property under contract and then advertise that contract. So, in this episode, I go into detail about the tasks you handle and the tasks that your local wholesaler ‘team member’ handles. The relationship is set up to be a win-win for all involved.

Finding the buyer is the next step and I’m giving you in-depth details about how to do this.

If you’ve built your business on simple systems, now you can scale up and build a strong business that provides passive income.

Lots of good stuff here…

Listen and Enjoy:

What’s inside:

  • How to work closely with a local wholesaler
  • Understand the role (tasks) of your local wholesaler
  • Understand the value you bring to a local wholesaler
  • Fastest way to quit your job and make $10k a month

Mentioned in this episode:

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