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Hey there, guys! I’ve created a mini-series on the subject of virtual wholesaling. In Part 1 (episode #22), I went deep into details about market research.

See, once you know your market, you need a team to help pull this off. Most of the time when wholesalers first start out, they do all the tasks themselves. I did that for a while – until I figured out that outsourcing is the smarter way to work.

In this episode, I explain how I started outsourcing, and the first team member I pulled in – a local wholesaler. This particular team member allowed me to begin my wholesaling virtually in about 5 different markets.

Also, I’m giving you a number of places to find local wholesalers in your chosen market. I go over several important resources that you can access. And I even touch on marketing – which marketing strategy is most predictable and is easily scalable. This is yet another task that can be (and should be) outsourced.

I’ve packed a lot into this episode – get going!

Listen and Enjoy:

What’s inside:

  • How you can build a team – which member is most important
  • Where to find your team members
  • How to start marketing in order to scale up
  • How to follow up and evaluate marketing

Mentioned in this episode:

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