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So… I have this coaching client. He’s working in one market now and may be expanding into another. But he’s out there crushing it. His average is 5 deals a month to the tune of $7k-$8k a deal. And he’s a newbie.

Want to know how he’s doing it? He’s hustling. Just plain old hustling. He makes offers on the MLS and he’s doing it virtually – not even in the market where he lives.

Thinking about this guy made me want to do an episode about chucking your excuses. It doesn’t matter where you live, because well, my podcast has listeners from over 170 countries. So, even if you have no money to purchase courses in investing, there are free resources available to you if you want it bad enough. And I talk about that in this episode. How bad do you want it?

My battle cry: Learn, then implement. (Take massive action.)

You have no more excuses!

Listen and Enjoy:

What’s inside:

  • How you can stop making excuses
  • How others can be an inspiration and a motivation for you
  • Resources available on my Real Estate Investor Mastery podcast

Mentioned in this episode:

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