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A bit of a disruption in this In Your Car episode. Yes, I got a speeding ticket on my road trip to go meet with Rick Otton. Traveling too fast in a work zone. But the cop was lenient. You’ll see what I mean as you listen.

But before the disruption, I’m talking about one of my favorite subjects: keeping things simple. Once things in your business get complicated, you begin to lose momentum fast. You get bogged down in the minutiae, then discouragement comes. That’s when a lot of newbies quit.

When you step back and take a look, there are really only 4 steps in this business. And I’m giving you details and examples of all 4. When you hear it laid out like this, I think you’ll agree that there’s no need to overcomplicate the process.

The step of making offers is quite obviously most crucial. The more offers you make, the more deals you close. It’s a simple but tried-and-true equation.

Stick with the basics and your business will soar.

Meanwhile, I’m slowing down my driving!

Listen and Enjoy:

What’s inside:

  • Keeping things simple as you build your business
  • Understanding the 4 basic steps
  • Examples of how to simplify each step
  • Speed of implementation equals speed of closing deals

Mentioned in this episode:

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