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Did you ever notice that you’re not good at every single task involved in your business? An example that applies to me – I’m not good at sales. I figured that out early on as I started out in RE investing. So I hired others to do it for me.

So, do you lament and come down on yourself because you’re not good at something? Or do you conclude that it’s better to outsource?

Well, listen to this episode as I come clean about what more stuff I’m NOT good at and what all I outsource. (You might be surprised – I bet you thought I was good at everything!) Seriously though, outsourcing is the best idea since sliced bread. It can turn your business around in just a few weeks.

My outsourcing has evolved over the years, and know that it takes a while to work out the kinks. You can start small by farming out just a couple of tasks and work up from there.

Look, you need your time freed up to do what you’re good at and what you love to do. Outsourcing is the way to do exactly that. I tell you how in this episode.

Listen and Enjoy:

What’s inside:

  • How to assess where your strengths lie
  • How to assess what could be – should be – outsourced
  • How to know when to start outsourcing
  • How to find contractors to outsource to

Mentioned in this episode:

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