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I’m back home from a fun Wisconsin vacation with my family. In fact, I’m driving home from dropping off the motorhome that we rented for the vacation.

So, I’ve been thinking about mistakes that beginning investors make. In this episode, I’m actually zeroing in on what I feel is the #1 mistake newbies make.

It’s nothing complicated. In fact, it’s quite simple: failure to take action!

I speak from experience since I was the world’s worst when it came to buying another course and another course and yet another, but never putting into action what the courses taught me to do. You don’t have to spin your wheels like I did.

Don’t make the mistake of waiting until you have everything down pat. You’ll make mistakes along the way. That’s okay. Give yourself permission to make the mistakes, then learn from them.

The solution is to take massive imperfect action!

Do it. Today!

Listen and Enjoy:

What’s inside:

  • The biggest mistake beginning investors make
  • The trap of being addicted to buying more courses
  • The trap of thinking everything has to be perfect before you start
  • Keep taking massive imperfect action

Mentioned in this episode:

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