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I call them ‘the two dreaded words,’ and it seems like I hear them almost every day.  “Yeah, but…”

Yeah but… 

                  that doesn’t work in my market.

                  that doesn’t work when the market is hot.

                  that doesn’t work when the market is cold.

                  that doesn’t work when the market is flat.

In this episode, I talk about how exasperated I get when I hear these types of excuses.  But just when I begin thinking they’re right (this really is a tough business), then I hear another success story that restores my faith.

The thing is, if someone believes this business will not work in their market, then guess what? They’re right.

But all the while, there are still motivated sellers out there who need to sell. And there are other investors out there still raking in the profits. Big profits.

Don’t listen to the whiners.

And don’t be one.

Listen and Enjoy:

What’s inside:

  • Two words that can lead to failure
  • Why those two words frustrate me
  • The importance of a strong belief system
  • What restores my faith in this business

Mentioned in this episode:

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