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It’s noisy in this episode as I’m walking around the grounds where a massive summer vacation Bible school is taking place. All my kids are here, and I help with the sound booth in the lunch tent. (Where the rap music blares.) This event is attended by thousands of kids, and also thousands of volunteers to make it all happen. It’s one of the highlights of our summer.

But the real subject of this episode has to do with a conversation I had with one of my coaching students. He followed my instructions regarding marketing, he has a property under contract, and is looking for a cash buyer. So far, so good.

Then he commented that he was disappointed that the cash buyers who responded did not sign up for his email list.

Red flag.

I then explain why this is faulty thinking and why building close relationships with buyers is crucial to your success. It’s a phone call that’s needed. Not an email. Good information here about how to interact with potential buyers.

Listen and Enjoy:

What’s inside:

  • How to connect with cash buyers
  • How and why to build close relationships
  • The importance of knowing what your cash buyers are looking for
  • What to say if they’re not interested in your current deal

Mentioned in this episode:

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