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In this episode, I’m driving home from hanging out with a group of investors at a late dinner. They had gathered in St. Louis to attend an event hosted by Shaun McCloskey.

I wanted to use this episode to announce that Shaun and I will be doing another coaching training at the end of July. This is to help those of you who are considering branching out into the field of coaching. A good friend, Steve Cavanaugh, who is a great coach in his own right, will be with us for the event.  If you’re interested, use the link below.

Also in town for Shaun’s event was Christina Krause. There’s a recent episode on Real Estate Investing Mastery podcast where I interviewed her and discussed her service, Postal Impact. I share the kind, complimentary remarks she said about my listeners. (That would be YOU.)

Remember to make a note about the coaching workshop coming up later this summer in July. Use the link below to get more information.

Listen and Enjoy:

What’s inside:

  • Upcoming coach training event with Shaun McCloskey and me
  • Info about Steve Cavanaugh
  • Christina Krause’s remarks about my podcast listeners

Mentioned in this episode:

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