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I get almost as much joy out of the successes of my coaching clients as I do from my own deals. Really, it’s true. I love it when newbies take my advice and run with it. Wow! They’re showing the world that it can be done… and they’re changing their lives for the better.

One of my newest clients scored his first hit, then quickly had two more in the hopper. His comment was, “Joe says to make offers, so that’s what I do – make offers. LOL!”

And by the way, I’ve been working with this investor for just 3 short weeks.

So, in this episode – I hit this hard: Are you making offers? Or are you making excuses?

Time to do a checkup. How do you keep track of where you are each day? Do you have a scorecard that keeps you focused on the number of offers you should be making? Well, I’ll cover all those details, and then some, right here.

Listen and Enjoy:

What’s inside:

  • How to create your scorecard
  • How to track your numbers
  • How to create your marketing plan to know how many offers are needed each day to achieve your income goals
  • Why you need an accountability partner (coach or mentor)

Mentioned in this episode:

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