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Here we are in Part 3 of me telling the backstory of how I got started in real estate investing. This episode is probably the most telling, the most embarrassing and the most painful.

I really thought I was doing well. Everything looked good on paper. I owned about 14 homes at this time, but I bought them all wrong. The major mistake I made was that I ignored the fundamentals. If you’ve ever heard me say, “Stick with the fundamentals,” now you’ll know exactly why I say that.

I was way overleveraged, and when the crash hit I went down with it. It was an incredibly stressful time in my life. Now I was faced with vacant houses, plus one actually had a fire, and others were trashed by the tenants.

I struggled through this time, and as painful as it was, it’s a wonder I stayed in the business at all. But here I am, older and wiser!

I hope others can learn from my mistakes.

Listen and Enjoy:

What’s inside:

  • The need to stick with the fundamentals
  • Failure to ask the right questions
  • Buying on appreciation
  • Playing with the number to make them say what I wanted them to say

Mentioned in this episode:

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