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I started this series of episodes as I was driving to the dentist. When I got there, the dentist wasn’t there and my appointment had been cancelled. Yeah, I was a little upset. But, upset at me. Because I looked on my phone and there was the call where I had been notified a few days earlier.

So now I’m driving home in this episode—the 2nd part of my series about looking back at the early days when I first started in this business.

It was in 2005 that I took a huge step and bought into a coaching program. It was a LOT of money, and my wife and I agreed that we’d put it on our credit cards.

It was “farmed out” coaching (they outsourced to another company), but it was not bad coaching. It’s just that I failed in the follow-through. I discovered I was scared to talk to sellers.

What do you do if one course (or coaching program) doesn’t work out? You buy more. And I did.

I finally started buying houses. But I bought them all the wrong way. When you hear this, you’ll know why you always hear me say: “You can manipulate a spreadsheet and make it say anything you want it to.” I made the number say what I wanted them to say.

As a result, I painted myself into a corner with foolish mistakes.

I’m telling it all!

Listen and Enjoy:

What’s inside:

  • My first very expensive coaching experience—and why it didn’t work
  • I played the blame game—making excuses
  • Some of the teachers I learned from in the early days
  • Things changed when I started making offers
  • Mistakes I made buying my first houses

Mentioned in this episode:

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