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The day has finally arrived. I’m driving to the arena for the graduation ceremonies; I’m finally graduating with my MBA. Those of you who follow my podcast know that I started this program many years ago, and had only one class to finish. Well, I finished that class and now am graduating!

But that’s not the subject of this episode. I just saw a post on Instagram from my friend, Matt Theriault, called the Lead Generation Commandments. Matt’s a great teacher and I like his materials.

There are 6 of these commandments. All are good, but I focus on 2 in particular.

The first is: “Don’t buy – shop.” Don’t fall into the trap of becoming the desperate motivated buyer. Your position is to have a shopping mindset.

The other one that rings true with me is: “Automate what you can and outsource the rest.” This has been my mantra for many years. And this is the reason why my business can literally run itself while I’m away.

Listen and Enjoy:

What’s inside:

  • Matt Theriault’s 6 Lead Generation Commandments
  • Why it’s important to be the “shopper” and not the “desperate buyer”
  • Designing your business to run itself by automating and delegating

Mentioned in this episode:

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