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I was digging around in some of my old stuff the other day and came upon a set of notes that I had made while taking a real estate investing course. (One of many, I hasten to add.) We had group coaching calls during the course just like I do for my students now.

These notes showed me that the course was great; the coach was great, but I was filled with fear—which manifested in excuses.

Anyone relate?

I do some reminiscing in this episode. I had forked over a lot of money for this course, but when I failed to close any deals by the time I completed it, I felt like a real loser. But looking at those notes, I saw that the tasks the coach assigned were simple ones. It was me. I failed to take action.

I guess that’s why I keep on encouraging each one of you. Just do it! No more “what if?” No more “yeah, but.”

Take imperfect action each day. Then refuse to quit.

Listen and Enjoy:

What’s inside:

  • The early days in my journey
  • Why things took me so long
  • What I did to turn the corner
  • Don’t wait for perfect; don’t wait to BE perfect

Mentioned in this episode:

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