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You can tell I’m pretty pumped in this episode. It’s because I’m launching a brand-new one-on-one coaching plan. It will help you hit the ground running and take shortcuts to get your business off the ground.

I’ve been remembering back to when I first started out. I paid a coach to let me come to his business and just hang out, to learn all he could teach me in a short time. I remember what a difference that made. I was the only one with him; I had all his attention; he answered all my questions directly.

Now I want to turn around and do that for another investor. All the details are here—how we’ll do your marketing for you, set you up with a VA, create your CRM and publish your websites. But the most important part is the one-on-one private attention that I will pour into this candidate.

If that sounds like it would be a good fit for you, send an email to support@joemccall.com and get in touch. Put “Hang Out With Joe” in the subject line.

Listen and Enjoy:

What’s inside:

  • Why and how I came up with this one-on-one coaching idea
  • What we will provide
  • Shortcuts to bypass all the “overwhelm”
  • What will be expected of you
  • How to contact me

Mentioned in this episode:

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