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I’m really pumped! You’ve been hearing me talk about attending the last class in my quest to finish up my MBA. Well, it’s over. I’m done. Mission accomplished.

As I sum up the experience, my one bit of insight is this: I wish business schools would bring in actual owners of small businesses to teach and share, as opposed to focusing so much on mega-corporations. My take on that is in this episode.

But another subject I discuss is my reflection on my many years of teaching and coaching, how the people who want my time for free, turn out to be the ones who seem to appreciate it the least. I’m a giving person, and I want to be generous, but I also want to be fair.

I’ve seen students who start out with virtually nothing, but turn into super star investors. There are others who, because they are starting with nothing, seem to feel that others should pave the way for them.

The further you get into this business, the more you’ll be faced with the same dilemma. I think you’ll like the solutions that I offer here. There are other ways to help someone on their way up, than to just hand over all your time with no exchange of value.

Learn to respect your own time. Don’t give it away carelessly.

Listen and Enjoy:

What’s inside:

  • Reflective thoughts on business schools
  • The problem with those who want free advice
  • My ideas for solutions when others ask you for free advice
  • How you can be of genuine help to other newbie investors

Mentioned in this episode:

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  1. I don’t think your examples were outrageous at all. I’ve had so many people take advantage of me so they can benefit but I’m left in the dust.

  2. Joe I would do that test for you lol. I’ve told 3 people who asked for me to mentor them just bc I’ve done 3 SLO’S this year but I told them to send me a spreadsheet of leads.

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