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In this episode, I’m driving to my monthly meeting of wholesalers here in the St. Louis area, and reflecting on a great book I’ve been reading. The title is: The Less I Do, The More I Make: Automate or Die by Ron LeGrand. Ron is one of the first in our industry to begin teaching and sharing knowledge and information.

In this book, he states that, “Your only job as a business owner is to think and make decisions.” He’s been in the business a long time and knows what he’s talking about. Ron has had struggles just like everyone else in this business, and he shares about those in this book too.

The concepts in Ron’s book coincide with the release of my Automated Wholesaling 2.0 program, which starts soon. The details of what I will be sharing, as well as how the course is set up, are all covered here.

I originally offered my Automated Wholesaling program a few years ago to my coaching students. Now it’s updated and will run for 5-6 weeks. It’s available and affordable. Check out the link below, read the details and sign up.

Listen and Enjoy:

What’s inside:

  • Set up your business to run for you in spite of you; working on your business, not in your business
  • 3 keys to a successful business (my mantra for 5 years now…)
  • Details on Automated Wholesaling 2.0; what’s included (such as the source for my unique leads list)
  • Automated Wholesaling 2.0; how it will be set up (my return guarantee)
  • Create good systems; then hire people to run the systems

Mentioned in this episode:

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