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I received a notice recently that $5k had been wired to my bank account. Now when you’re in the wholesaling business, that’s certainly not unheard of. The interesting thing about this deal was that I knew nothing about any of the details. None. It was all done without my prior knowledge.

How can that happen?

It happened because:

  1. It’s how I’ve designed my business (to run without me), and
  2. I have all the right systems, and the right people in place to carry out all the necessary tasks.

In this episode, I cover a few of the aspects of this deal. The list that was used, how that list can be accessed and how the systems are set up. Even more details regarding this case study are available via the web link below.

I’m going to be opening wide the door to this type of business-building in the upcoming re-release of my Automated Wholesaling program. I’m calling it: Automated Wholesaling 2.0. Added to my own teaching and sharing, I’m bringing on board several of my clients who are out there crushing it. Some are doing better than I am. (Which makes me really happy, by the way.)

I’d love to use your deal for my next case study!

Listen and Enjoy:

What’s inside:

  • Systems needed for the business to run without you
  • The team members that are needed
  • How to find those team members
  • The best list to use
  • Why I prefer a “fast nickel over a slow dime”

Mentioned in this episode:

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