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I’m pumped to be announcing my new Automated Wholesaling 2.0 program. Many of you will remember a couple of years ago when I offered this program as a part of my existing coaching package. I was putting that together while living in Prague for several months.

Because I was doing deals virtually while being out of the country, and because it was working seamlessly and almost effortlessly, I really wanted to share these systems with others.

In this episode, I go over how I first came up with the design, the questions I began to ask, and how I built my lifestyle business. My goal was to have a business that fit my lifestyle, rather than trying to fit my life around my business. (Most people have it totally backwards.)

Now I’ve refurbished and updated everything, so it will now be known as Automated Wholesaling 2.0. I go over many of the details of how it works, focusing in on my 3-step plan.

There’ll be no 1-on-1 in this program, instead we’ll have one-day-a-week group coaching calls where all questions can be answered.

Listen and Enjoy:

What’s inside:

  • How I came to develop a wholesaling system that worked virtually
  • Examples of how it operated for me while I was out of the country
  • Details of the first version of my Automated Wholesaling program
  • Details of the 2.0 version of my Automated Wholesaling program

Mentioned in this episode:

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