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Where are you spending the biggest part of your time? What tasks are you tending to during the day? These are important questions to always be asking. If you’re bogged down with data entry in your CRM, for instance, then you’re investing your time in $5/hour tasks. And let me tell you, that’s a huge waste of your valuable time. Those are the tasks that need to be outsourced to others. And that’s my message in this episode.

I understand that you may have to do those computer tasks early on, before the deals start bringing in the cash flow. But as soon as you can, hire a VA and start outsourcing.

The only automation you need to be using is for voice memos to your VA (such as Voxer), giving instructions on what their tasks are. Then you’ll need a private email just for the two of you so your VA can let you know the tasks that are on the schedule for that day.

There are many ways to focus on the 20% (remember the 80/20 rule). What would happen if you spent 100% of your time on your 20%?

Also in this episode, I talk about my new, expanded done-for-you, business-in-a-box. I share the details of how it works. I think you’re going to like it!

Listen and Enjoy:

What’s inside:

  • Have working systems in place
  • Delegate those systems to a VA or your local assistant
  • No need for you to work the automated computer systems (such as your CRM)
  • Assess your day – if you’re still doing the $5/hour tasks, stop now
  • Focus on the $500/hour tasks and make a fortune

Mentioned in this episode:

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