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My head is whirling with thoughts, because I’m driving home from my most recent Wholesaling Lease Options workshop. It was held right here in St. Louis and, if the feedback is any indication, it was a big success.

I enjoy these workshops because I keep them small. People get to know one another, and they have opportunities to share and exchange ideas. One of the ladies in attendance told us about her strategy of holding a “round robin” auction for option deposits for her lease options deals. I was impressed with her success.

Aside from my workshop report in this episode, I get into the subject of risk taking. This came to me for two reasons. The first is that at the workshop, my wife and I were reminiscing about how scary it was when I first decided to quit my engineering job and go full time with real estate investing. (She seems to remember it better than I do.)

The other thing that precipitated the thoughts on risk taking is that I’m in an academic setting taking the last class for my MBA. I’m amazed at how many in the academic field are “stuck in school.” I talk about the difference between “street smarts” and “book smarts.”

Why do people choose to stay in a comfort zone and avoid taking risks? I offer a few ideas.

Also, take note of my new Implementation Coaching program that I’m launching. For now, I’ll take only two clients. I’m giving all the details.

Listen and Enjoy:

What’s inside:

  • Assessing the most recent Wholesaling Lease Options workshop
  • My plan to take the workshop “on the road”
  • My story of taking the risk to leave my lucrative engineering job to go full time with real estate investing
  • Why people are afraid to take risks
  • Consumer? Producer? Which?
  • Coulda, woulda, shoulda… how do you stack up?
  • My new Implementation Coaching that I am launching

Mentioned in this episode:

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