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I’m handing out a few gold nuggets for you in this episode. Creative ideas that you can put to use immediately. And will help grow your business.

First off, I share a strategy used by one of my coaching clients whose market is not only high-end but is also highly competitive. He was able to turn what might have been a dud, into a very lucrative deal. And it’s a learning opportunity for all of us.

Then I talk about the need for you to get on every buyer’s list that you possibly can. That may sound crazy, but wait until you hear why I make that statement. Such an easy way to find deals.

The third nugget that I hand out in this episode has to do with using the site RedFin. How to search for potential deals, then how to work and build relationships with the Realtors who list those properties.

There are so many ways to get out there and hustle. Nothing works until you do. I’m handing out free ideas. What will you do with them?

Listen and Enjoy:

What’s inside:

  • A fascinating account of how my coaching client landed a deal
  • The need to be on as many buyer’s lists as possible
  • Making offers to wholesalers
  • Finding deals on RedFin
  • Ways you can work with Realtors

Mentioned in this episode:

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