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I’m starting off this episode with a direct question, and it’s one I hear a lot:

Should I be marketing to absentee owners or high-equity properties?”

But here’s my question right back: “Is this a valid question? Is this a question you should be spending time deliberating?”

I want to give you something better to spend your time on… and that’s research and targeting. Once you do that, the question of whether to market to absentee owners or high-equity properties becomes irrelevant. Such criteria cease to matter.

As you’ll hear, I’m going to outline the details of my strategy, which is to target narrow and deep. See, when that focus is in place, you’re marketing to all the different lists in that area and you’re not concerned about which ones to include or leave out.

How does that line up with the way you’re currently marketing? Are you throwing marketing to the wind and hoping? There’s a better way and I’ve laid it all out in this episode.

Listen and Enjoy:

What’s inside:

  • Why you should never be worried about the competition
  • Research to find hot zip codes in a particular area – ones with investor activity
  • Targeting areas – not zip code specific, but neighborhood specific.
  • Understand the process to discover where the demand is
  • Keep marketing narrow and deep – and consistently

Mentioned in this episode:

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