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I was talking with a coaching client who’s working in a new market. This is one of those states where it’s doubly important to have all the right team members in place (such as a real estate attorney, escrow company, etc.). This is especially true when doing creative deals, which is what this client is doing.

Now, here’s the kicker… my client is outside of the U.S. That can become a little overwhelming.

So in this episode, I’m talking about a workable plan that will open doors for him in this new market, even though he’s thousands of miles away. It’s the same plan that I’ve used for years, both at home and when traveling with my family.  You can easily implement this simple plan in your business as well.

Additionally, I’m getting ready to re-release my Automated Wholesaling program. It will be offered in modules rather than all at one time as I’ve done in the past. Stay tuned for that new development.

And for those who are interested, another Wholesaling Lease Options workshop is coming up soon. Check out the link below. I keep these workshops small, which means it’ll fill up fast.  My guest speaker at that event is John Jackson.

I’m also musing about developing a new software. A few late-night thoughts that could eventually affect you and your business.

Listen and Enjoy:

What’s inside:

  • The best and easiest plan (business model) for getting a jumpstart in a new market
  • How I’ve used this plan successfully for many years
  • News on a re-release of my Automated Wholesaling program
  • Upcoming Wholesaling Lease Options workshop
  • My ideas for developing new software

Mentioned in this episode:

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