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Well, I’m driving home from another session of my last class in getting my MBA. It’s been quite a challenge. Especially when you hear how I did on one of my tests.

The title of this episode is derived from a college professor I had way back in my early years of studying to become an engineer. “Bullroar” was his favorite word to yell at us when we made excuses. (He was an ex-marine drill sergeant, so – quite good at yelling.)

That’s what I want to yell sometimes when I hear people moaning complaining, and making excuses instead of just getting out there and taking massive action. But I don’t yell.

My words (instead of bullroar) – “don’t quit.”

Listen and Enjoy:

What’s inside:

  • My challenges with the MBA Capstone class
  • Which is more important: street smarts or book smarts?
  • Making excuses can become a bad habit
  • Is real estate investing your business? Or your hobby?

Mentioned in this episode:

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