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In the previous episode, I was driving to my Capstone class. In this episode, I’m driving home from the class. And my mind is whirling. Being in this business setting, with corporate-minded people, reminds me of how large companies can get so behind the times. Whereas small businesses (like our investing businesses), are small enough to change and adapt quickly.

In the class, we are assigned to help a client ramp up his business, and I could see where my being in the “trenches,” handling my own business affairs on a daily basis, allowed me to have a unique perspective. I also saw where the textbooks can miss it, and how it’s best to find someone else who’s doing what you want to do – successfully – and modeling their techniques.

But bottom line (as I’ve said many times), “marketing is everything and everything is marketing.” I’m seeing it even more clearly while talking to this client, and in the materials presented in class.

Keep your marketing message clear. Keep it simple!

Listen and Enjoy:

What’s inside:

  • The distinct difference between how a large corporation operates vs. a small business owner
  • The advantages of being small
  • The problems I see in the client’s business that my team is helping
  • It’s not about real estate investing, it’s about marketing

Mentioned in this episode:

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