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I’ve talked recently about MOJO Sells, but I’ve not shared how it’s working for me and my team. So that’s what I talk about in this episode—catching you up on our experience.

I have my VAs calling old leads that my local wholesaler got from a Realtor friend. At first, not much was happening. But then we got an appointment to meet with the owner of a house worth $900k. You just never know.

It got me to thinking about how a person could simply deal in leads. Partner up with wholesalers and be an agent for calling old leads using MOJO Sells. There’s a lot of money out there just laying around in the form of discarded leads.

If you partner up with a Realtor, be sure you work only with the good ones.

With the digital tools available (such as ClickFunnels), it’s time to think outside the box.

Listen and Enjoy:

What’s inside:

  • Update on how MOJO Sells is working for me
  • Ideas for a business model dealing in old leads
  • Different classes of Realtors
  • Advantages of ClickFunnels

Mentioned in this episode:

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