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I’m jumping around a little bit in this episode. I start out sharing about the success of my coaching program, and why it’s going so well. It’s mainly because we’re keeping it so simple. That alone is leading many investors down the road to success. It’s pretty exciting.

The main subject, though, is an upcoming webinar where we’re unveiling the Automated MOJO Program. As most of you know, results from direct mail marketing have plummeted recently. This is forcing investors to return to the “old fashioned” process of calling and talking to sellers.

But this is SO time consuming. What’s the answer? That’s what the Automated MOJO program is all about. The program allows you to call a greater number of potential sellers in much less time. I go into detail of all that’s included in the Automated MOJO Program.

In the upcoming webinar, we’re actually doing live calls. This means you’ll hear exactly how I talk to sellers, and you’ll be surprised how simple and easy this process can be. You won’t want to miss the upcoming webinar.

Listen and Enjoy:

What’s inside:

  • The simple success formula for investing
  • The reason for the success of our coaching program
  • Details of the upcoming webinar
  • Details of the new Automated MOJO Program

Mentioned in this episode:

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