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One thing I repeatedly say to my coaching clients… and those in my coaching groups… and in my workshops, is this: When you’re talking to sellers (or buyers) listen, listen, listen. And today I experienced a great example that proves my point, which I’m sharing in this episode.

Since we’re looking to do more marketing for our partners, I want to learn about Facebook marketing. When I saw an ad that had to do with FB marketing, and the training was targeted to real estate investors, I wanted to know more.

I set up a time for the call, and this guy I talked to provided me with the perfect example of how to lose a sale by not listening. I was kept on the phone for 45 minutes, listening to his sales spiel, but all the while he failed to ask me the right questions.

I used to say you need to listen twice as much as you talk. After this experience, I’m more convinced you should listen three times more than you talk.

I’m also sharing a few great “positioning” questions. He who asks the questions controls the conversation.

Listen and Enjoy:

What’s inside:

  • My negative experience with an overly talkative salesperson
  • Several areas in which the salesperson made sales-losing mistakes (you can learn from these)
  • The importance of asking questions
  • The importance of waiting for answers—embracing the silence

Mentioned in this episode:

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