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I’m on my way to Day 2 of the Wholesaling Lease Option workshop. I’m laughing because just as I started recording, I saw a bandit sign that read: “I buy houses regardless of equity.” I had actually just been sharing the concept of the wording of that sign at the workshop—which by the way I learned about from a friend of mine from Louisiana. Looks like the idea is catching hold.

But that’s not my subject for this episode. I’m talking about my favorite way to fully automate your business. As most of you know, I’m a systems kind of guy, but there is a downside to being fully dependent on tools and systems. The first is that you may be stuck in front of the computer all day. The second is that sometimes the third-party integrations break down and it may be a month or more before you discover the problem.

There’s a better way. And that is with your own local virtual assistant. I go through the details of exactly how to work with your VA. My thought is that “sometimes the best automation can be a virtual assistant.”

You’ll be surprised how much more smoothly your business will run, and how fewer leads will fall through the cracks. My other saying is, “No lead left behind.”

With a good VA, you should be good to go.

Listen and Enjoy:

What’s inside:

  • The 3 keys to success in this business
  • The good and the bad of automated systems
  • The CRM that’s still my favorite
  • My goal: never get stuck in front of the computer

Mentioned in this episode:

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