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Because I’m such a fan of outsourcing, and because it’s made such a huge impact in the growth of my business, I want to share these critical concepts whenever I can. Hence this 2-part episode regarding outsourcing.

In Part 1 (ep. #146), I laid the foundation of the importance of outsourcing. In this episode, I go into great detail on how to start with simple systems and scale up.

Most investors freeze at the thought of hiring a VA. But those who follow this step-by-step system find that it’s easy and highly effective. The key is to begin with one component and get that one down before doing anything else. You can’t scale up until this step is completed.

Once you teach your VA your system, you can put it on autopilot. I even go so far as to ask my VAs to create systems on their own. This is part of the scaling up that you won’t want to miss.

At this point, my main assistant actually manages all my VAs, so now even that task is off my plate. This is how I gain the freedom that defines my lifestyle.

Listen and Enjoy:

What’s inside:

  • Important to start with only one component; teach that one component first
  • How to teach your VA your system
  • How to have your VA create a system for you
  • How it all leads to scaling up the entire procedure

Mentioned in this episode:

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