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In this episode, I drive home the importance of knowing the numbers in your business. There are several areas in which you must track numbers, such as… how much your leads are costing you, how much you spend on each campaign and how the returns correlate, how many offers are made, and how many deals result from the calls.

This is why in my coaching programs, I use scorecards for my students. This offers a tool to keep the numbers in the forefront at all times.

Also, I’m back to my regular “urgings” about prospecting, making calls and making offers. (Well, maybe a little stronger than urging.)

You’ll see what I mean…

Listen and Enjoy:

What’s inside:

  • How and why the numbers are important in your business
  • Ways to calculate and interpret what the numbers mean
  • Getting honest with yourself about time that can be allotted to building your business

Mentioned in this episode:

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  1. Great episode, Mr. McCall, aka Furious Joe. For myself, it comes down to a chronic feeling of helplessness. Things have been so bad for so long, it’s easy to fall into neutral or just get stuck in the mud.

    It’s also easy to feel overwhelmed. Even podcasts showing success of other investors can actually feel demotivating, as “Boy, I’ll never have that person’s success. They’re just too good. How can I succeed against that?” This is why I am looking forward to what you’ve been saying you want to implement, making it easy, as easy as can be.

    By the way, Tom Krol’s slogan is massive imperfect action. Even if you burn down city hall, at least you accomplished something and got your name in the paper.

    1. Damon, that is a really good comment… except for burning down city hall 😉 But you’re right… “massive imperfect action”… I love it! Thanks for commenting. – Joe

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