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If you haven’t faced a lawsuit, or received a letter from the insurance commissioner or the Attorney General, it’s because you haven’t been in the business long enough.

Sorry if that sounds negative, but it’s a fact — a fact that you will do well to pay attention to. In this episode, I give a few examples of when people have come at me with accusations that were totally unsubstantiated.

This is why I titled the episode, “You Can’t Fix Stupid.”

There are going to be people in this world who are bent on complaining and causing mayhem whenever and wherever they can. They are not to be feared, but so you’re prepared, I’m sharing how to handle these types of challenges. (Some can be pretty intimidating.) You can’t “fix” them; but don’t let them stop you.

I’ve been in the business long enough, so I’ve faced my fair share. One that I’ll cover was quite recent. But I’m still here; still in the business; and still making money.

You can too.

Listen and Enjoy:

What’s inside:

  • Heads up — be aware, but don’t be afraid
  • Real-world examples of troublemakers
  • The best approach to take to deal with this situation
  • Verbiage to use in your response

Mentioned in this episode:

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