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I recently interviewed R.P. Murphy of Murphy Home Solutions right here in the greater St. Louis area. (That episode will be coming soon on my Real Estate Investing Mastery podcast. Watch for it.) Murphy has been dealing in lease-purchase programs for almost 10 years with great success. And he does it all as a licensed Realtor with RE/MAX.

In this episode, I reiterate (because I’ve talked about this before), how beneficial it is to have your license and how it can greatly enhance your working with lease option deals.

I’m also driving home the point of how much easier it is to find what buyers want, instead of trying to sell them what you have in inventory. I liken it to taking orders at a restaurant. When you know what your buyers are looking for, you can serve it up to their specifications. So build up your buyer’s list.

In this next year, I’m also streamlining my coaching services to help my students close on their first deal as quickly as possible. My goal is to keep it simple.

And, I have another level coaching program where I work one-on-one with my students. I’ll help you set up all your systems, then work with you on a personal level to help make your business a success.

Listen and Enjoy:

What’s inside:

  • Quick overview of R.P. Murphy’s business model
  • An example of the lease-option model one of my students used
  • The benefits of having and maintaining your Realtor’s license
  • The new profile of my coaching program

Mentioned in this episode:

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