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On the road again today with REI In The Car, and I’m hitting on a strong (sometimes scary) subject in this episode…

The ongoing back-and-forth (potentially negative) encounters between Realtors and wholesalers is a continuing saga and seems to be getting more and more attention every day. But is there a way to protect yourself from ever having such an encounter?

I say, ‘Yes there is!’

So in this episode, I’m covering several tips and ideas about how you can protect yourself from some unwanted and unwarranted attention. (BTW – yes, wholesaling can be done legally without a real estate license – when done the right way.)

Look, there’s no sense in being a moving target, right? So, learn how to play the game safely by working smarter not harder.

Listen and Enjoy:

 What’s inside:

  • Why you don’t have to have your real estate license to wholesale deals, but it can be a benefit
  • If you have to argue a point of equitable interest before the Real Estate Commission, you’re never going to win
  • Sell the contract, not the house
  • Position yourself, your contracts and your business to stay under the radar

Mentioned in this episode:

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