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I’m sure you’ve heard it said — probably more than once — that knowledge is power. Actually, that’s only partly true. The truth is, only in the implementation of knowledge is there any power. A person can learn and learn, but if they never put into action what they’ve learned, there is no power.

I can remember the feeling of safety and security in the college environment, and how scary the big old world looked out there. It’s easy to just stay in that place and keep on studying but never applying the knowledge.

In this episode, I take this principle and apply it to real estate investing. It’s so easy to get comfortable buying one more expensive course or attending one more expensive weekend workshop. But what good will it do if no action is ever taken?

Among my coaching clients, the most successful are the ones who take a little knowledge and jump out there and do what they’ve learned.

Are you one of those action-takers? If not, this is a good time to begin.

Listen and Enjoy:

What’s inside:

  • Where’s the real power in knowledge?
  • Will another course get you closer to your goal?
  • What keeps people from taking action?
  • How more knowledge can become like a safety net

Mentioned in this episode:

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