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Don’t you hate it when someone tries to get a discount on a service just because that business person is a friend or relative? I call those people cheapskates. That’s my subject for this episode.

It’s just not cool to be cheap… and it’s not cool to take advantage of friends and family members. Now if they offer a discount, that’s different.

My thought here is, “Don’t be that guy.” You don’t want a reputation as the cheapskate in the crowd, right? My take is to be just the opposite. “I’m going to bless that business person…”

In your wholesaling business, have you run across the investor who insists on knowing exactly how much commission you’re making? If not, well, you will because they’re out there. Why do they ask? Because they resent you making a good profit. You’ll want to hear my thoughts on how to deal with those types of cheapskates.

Remember: Don’t be that guy!

Listen and Enjoy:

What’s inside:

  • Thoughts about those cheapskates who are bent on taking advantage of friends and family members
  • Why you need to stop and think what you want your reputation to be
  • Learn how to deal with cheapskates in your wholesaling business

Mentioned in this episode:

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