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Sometimes I just like browsing through the MLS to see what’s going on. I did that the other day checking out the St. Louis area. Specifically, I was looking for all of the lease option, FSBO or rent-to-own listings. I came up with over 150 in those categories. And about 75% of those were in good neighborhoods.

When I say good neighborhoods, I mean they were areas in which conventional bank loans were probably not a viable option, but yet they are nice blue-collar areas. Most of these properties looked like they didn’t need much work, if any.

In this episode, I give a number of great ideas for ways to offer creative financing options for these types of homeowners. If they’re offering to lease or rent, that tells me they’re flexible. You can use that to your advantage.

Take these ideas and run with them.

Listen and Enjoy:

What’s inside:

  • Using the MLS to find owner-financing deals
  • What to look for in the MLS
  • Ideas for various creative financing options
  • Who to contact and what to say

Mentioned in this episode:

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