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This episode is targeted to all you investors out there who are really struggling. My mind is on this subject because one of my students is in that exact predicament. No money for marketing, and the marketing he did in the past was not working for him. Not a fun place to be in.

But what complicated the situation was that this student allowed himself to get bogged down in minutiae that brought in no revenue. I’m referring to tasks such as setting up Podio, spreadsheets and websites. I go into great detail on how to set up a 3-part marketing plan, how to quickly do the comps, how to find free leads and how to create a “folder system” for leads. Super simple.

And, of course as always, I remind everyone of the basics that must be done on a daily basis: contacting sellers and making offers. Without that, nothing else really matters.

Listen and Enjoy:

What’s inside:

  • What it means to put “revenue first”
  • How to stick with the basics
  • The “folder system” for leads
  • Quick, easy way to do comps
  • How to create (and word) offers
  • Marketing options that are free
  • 3-part marketing plan

Mentioned in this episode:

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