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Once you get your business up and running, the best strategy is to begin to outsource as many tasks as you possibly can. In the final account, there are really only 4 tasks that should be taking up your time.

In this episode, I reflect back to how I, step by step, started outsourcing. I realized that I wasn’t the best at calling sellers; I wasn’t even the best at meeting with them in person and negotiating a deal. And when it was up to me to call them back to follow up, days might go by… Well, you get the picture.

When it came to marketing, I never paid much attention to it until my current pipeline dried up. That meant there was little or no consistency. Obviously, I needed help to run my business.

I’m hoping this will cause you to take a serious look at your business day. How are you spending those hours? Are you doing what makes the most income? Or are you hung up on doing the mundane chores that any outsource person could do?

Think about it.

Listen and Enjoy:

What’s inside:

  • The 4 main tasks that you should be doing
  • How do you spend your day — what tasks could be outsourced?
  • Understanding the market in which this strategy works best
  • The right question to be asking — not how, but who

Mentioned in this episode:

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