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I like to give out tips for newbie investors, because it’s easy to remember how tough it was when I was getting started. Especially the part about having little cash to spend on marketing. In this episode, I’m giving out a great idea that just might work for you.

In your area, there are a number of cash buyers — investors who have cash and are out there buying up houses. Among them, you might find one who would agree to hook up with you in a business agreement.

They fund the marketing, and you take care of all the marketing campaigns, the leads, meeting and talking to sellers and the follow-up. I explain the details of how such a setup could work and how it could work on a trial basis.

Right there’s your cash flow for marketing. Try it and see. And remember — no excuses!

Listen and Enjoy:

What’s inside:

  • Why you must never let the lack of ready cash stop you
  • Why a moneyed investor might want to work with you
  • How to set up the agreement
  • Your obligations in the agreement
  • The investor’s obligations in the agreement

Mentioned in this episode:

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